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Centrepointe payday loans – Oregon Referral Service With Affordable Rates

Centrepointe payday loans is federal Oregon, US referral service offering quick payday loans. The scope of the company’s activities is constantly increasing. You may apply for a loan online living in Portland, Salem, Springfield.

The base for the stable company development in a highly competitive environment is:

Customer-focused service

The main thing for our company is to provide high-quality financial assistance to the client, the desire to make him to the rank of permanent borrowers. Our company has long ceased to play the role of a regular service for issuing payday loans, but has become a reliable helper, a reliable assistant in solving financial issues. Our referral service is mastering new technologies.

A convenient option has appeared on the website, which makes it easy to manage the issued loan. Our service has removed all bureaucratic obstacles by making loans as accessible as possible to all categories of citizens. The ability to fill out an online application allows you to find out a preliminary decision on a loan without visiting the office. The discount program and promotions make the process of getting a loan more profitable for the borrower.

How much can I borrow?

Every client is able to borrow money fast. Available payday loans amounts are:

Qualification requirements

There are several requirements to qualify for a same day personal loan:

This information will be checked and assessed by a lender.

Team of Centrepointe payday loans professionals

The efficient organization of management within the company contributes to the well-coordinated operation of our online referral service. We are among the first microfinance companies to apply innovative, state-of-the art principles in our work.

Our staff relies on the following values: strictly follow the legislative rules; readily define the needs of each client and provide professional assistance; focus on the overall results; be honest and open in relation to colleagues, clients; take responsibility for your duties; strive to master new directions in work; respect confidentiality.

Stable development

Our company is a sign for reliable credit and financial markets. The company’s stable position is ensured by its quick adaptability to constantly changing market terms and the ability to make the right decisions. Centrepointe payday loans is a company that keeps balance in difficult economic conditions and works in the interests of the client. While banks are raising interest rates on loans and introducing restrictions, our referral service is introducing preferential loan products for new clients, pensioners, military personnel, and other groups of the population, keeping the interest rate on loans at a low level.

Ambitious plans for the future

Our referral service is an excellent result of the prosperity of the online lending options, especially considering the fact that the company was founded in a difficult post-crisis period. The company understands the equal importance of speed and quality of development. Thanks to a deliberate approach to management, tracking national and global trends in the field of microcredit, our company is constantly improving its methods of work, demonstrating steady growth.

Meet our Staff

Fred Baldwin

Tyler Winter

Lending Expert

Working since 2002

Fred Baldwin

Patrick Tyler

Wealth Adviser

Working since 2005

Fred Baldwin

Isabel Osborne


Working since 2012

Fred Baldwin

Eloise Johnson

Financial Expert

Working since 2015

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