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Health Insurance: Price, Coverage, Non-coverage

The United States of America is a country with one of the most expensive health insurance. A rather modest medical insurance costs about $ 200- $ 500 per month for each adult, for children – half as much. So get ready to pay about $ 1,000 per month for a family of four. For many Americans, such a big amount is impracticable.Health Insurance_ Price, Coverage, Non-coverage

How to cope with such a problem

The situation is facilitated by the fact that employers often partially or fully pay medical insurance to their employees. In rare cases, employers pay insurance to family members. Thanks to the peculiarities of the tax law, buying medical insurance through the employer of a husband or wife is more profitable than buying it on the free market.

For example, when retired, a man lost insurance from the employer, which cost $495.00 per month. He could find insurance with the same coverage in the free market for only $700.00 and over. But the employer of his wife insured him at the same $495 per month. This sum is withdrawn from the wife’s salary.

What does the insurance cover?

The scope of services covered depends on the cost of insurance. Even when the medical insurance costs $500 per month, it does not cover all expenses by 100%. If you get sick with getting to the hospital for at least a couple of days, then you have to copay $2000- $3000.

If you are healthy and just need a preventive visit to a doctor for routine examinations three times a year, then you have to pay at least $500 (deductible).

$200 per month insurance covers much less. Upon admission to the hospital, you will pay at least $4000- $5000 (copay) for the same two days and will fully pay for all other routine services until the amount reaches $2000 (deductible). Above this threshold, insurance will cover part of your expenses. If the cost of medical services turned out to be higher than the threshold specified (i.e., about $3000 for insurance for $500 per month and about $5000 for insurance for $200 per month – upper limit), then your personal expenses will not increase; the insurance company will cover 100% everything above this threshold.

Criteria of insurance

Insurance parameters are: deductible, copay, upper limit determined per year. Next year you will again start paying 100% until you reach deductible. There is also a separate copay fee for each visit to the doctor. It’s a few tens of dollars. For example, your insurance has deductible equal to $500 where copay – 20%, upper limit = $2800 and copay per visit = $25.

Medications’ coverage

So, if your insurance doesn’t cover the cost for medications then, you have to spend a lot of money to buy brand-name drugs. Today, the Internet provides the most affordable way to reduce expenses for medications. This is an online pharmacy service.

Online pharmacies like Canadian Pharmacy King, Trust Pharmacy, CVS, FedEx, and many others. So, what you will get using such services? First of all, you will see low prices for medications. Why? Such services in addition to brand-name drugs offer generics. Generic drugs are medications with the same active substance as in the product of the branded supplier. It guarantees the same therapeutic effect. The following drugs are produced and released from the moment the patent of the branded drugs is expired.

The global pharmaceutical market is rich in generics providing the same pharmaceutical effects. It is a confirmed fact that generics improve health conditions at the same level as brand-name medications. The majority of such medications are sold over-the-counter. As a result, you are not required to send any prescriptions.

Every American citizen, nowadays, is obliged to get insurance. But they are not obliged to overpay for branded drugs (not covered by insurance). There is a much easier way to keep good health – generics bought online.

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