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Health Insurance: Price, Coverage, Non-coverage

The United States of America is a country with one of the most expensive health insurance. A rather modest medical insurance costs about $ 200- $ 500 per month for each adult, for children – half as much. So get ready to pay about $ 1,000 per month for a family of four. For many Americans, such a big amount is impracticable.Health Insurance_ Price, Coverage, Non-coverage

How to cope with such a problem

The situation is facilitated by the fact that employers often partially or fully pay medical insurance to their employees. In rare cases, employers pay insurance to family members. Thanks to the peculiarities of the tax law, buying medical insurance through the employer of a husband or wife is more profitable than buying it on the free market.

For example, when retired, a man lost insurance from the employer, which cost $495.00 per month. He could find insurance with the same coverage in the free market for only $700.00 and over. But the employer of his wife insured him at the same $495 per month. This sum is withdrawn from the wife’s salary. (more…)


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